Covid-19 Update



Wednesday, July  1st

A video update  from Pastor Billy


Hello Oasis Family,

We missed you last Sunday! I am grateful to report that Dawn and I are fine, as are the rest of the church staff, and we all received negative COVID-19 test results. In addition, the person with whom we were in contact is on the path to recovery. So, thank you for your prayers.

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is a fluid situation, and we are continuing to do everything we can to stay apprised of new information and to act in wisdom to make whatever changes are necessary to keep everyone safe. As you may have seen, in reaction to the record-setting number of new COVID cases in Arizona, Governor Ducey has issued a new Executive Order, limiting gatherings to 50 people or less. These restrictions are currently expected to last through the end of July. In response, our leadership team and I have concluded that wisdom and prudence dictate that, starting this Sunday (July 5th), we shift back exclusively to our ONLINE CAMPUS for Sunday services during this period. You can join us on Facebook or YouTube at 10:00am and look for a Zoom Conference link to join Dawn and I for a virtual Meet-n-Greet after service.  We would love to connect with you.

I have said over the last 4 months that I knew of nobody personally, who was in my circle of life, that had tested positive for COVID-19. That changed this past week and now I know of at least seven people who have been infected by this virus. I am sure that many of you have similar stories. The good news is that none of the people I know have had catastrophic outcomes. But, sobering news like this shows why we must adapt and operate at a high level of care to assure everyone’s safety, and particularly the safety of our most vulnerable members so that we are not facilitating exposure to COVID-19. Therefore, we believe that stepping back to a “modified” Phase 1 of our COVID-19 Plan is the right thing to do.

We continue to believe in the value of gathering for corporate worship, especially during these difficult times. As a result, we will be implementing additional measures that will provide opportunities for fellowship in groups of 50 or less. We know how important it is to stay connected, and we will have many ways for those who need a personal connection to join in fellowship with others in as much safety as possible.

I listened to a podcast in the last month that spoke about the need to be ready to make decisions faster than ever before. He called it a “pivot.” A “pivot” is the ability to change direction without losing your stability. As Lead Pastor here at Oasis, I have been in constant connection with our leadership team and, most importantly, praying for guidance as to where I feel God is leading us. Frankly, the past few months have been some of the hardest I have faced as a leader. I like consistency and steadiness—but the last few months have been everything but consistent and steady. However, even in these tumultuous waters of COVID-19, civil unrest, and related challenges I do not fear, but I trust in what God is doing, and that gives me inner peace.

Here is what you need to know—we will pivot when we need to, no matter how many times it is required, and the experience will make us stronger individually and as a church. More importantly, we will continue to provide a ministry of hope and faith to everyone connected to Oasis—and to spread that hope and faith in our community. Oasis has never closed, and we are not closing now. In fact, we are working harder than ever to make sure that you and every member of our congregation receive what you need during these ever-changing times.

Please continue to pray for this situation, make a commitment to join our weekend online services  Sunday at 10:00 am on Facebook or Youtube, and watch for other opportunities to connect that we will be announcing over the coming weeks. You matter to us, and your involvement in Oasis is more important than ever.

Please know we are here for you, we are praying for you, and we are looking forward to connecting with you in the “New Normal”.

Pastor Billy


As we move towards regathering in person as a church, we want to provide you with a guide for how Oasis will proceed. We know God is still at work during this time and as we move forward we want to walk with wisdom and patience.   1 Corinthians 13:4 says  “Love is Patient”.  We would ask that you would join with us in living out that foundational principle of love and practice patience as we navigate together.

You download a .PDF copy of this plan by clicking the link below:


Help us gather some important data, please take a brief survey by clicking the link below:



Hello Oasis Family

We are praying for you all and believe that God is at work through all of this.  Over the last week we have seen the growing need to provide food resources.  Starting tomorrow Wednesday, April 1st, we will be opening the Oasis Food Pantry for drive-thru food pickup.  The Oasis Pantry will be open for food pick up Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00-12:00pm.

We hope to be a blessing and provide for the needs that our community may have.

Thank for all your support and know that you are making a difference.  Together we are better.

Pastor Andy

If you would like to donate food and assist in serving our community the follow is a list of items needed:

  • Cans of Tuna
  • Cans of Ravioli, Spaghettios, Chili
  • Canned Veggies
  • Boxes of Cereal
  • Cans of Beans
  • Bags of Rice
  • Canned Soup / Ramen
  • Dry Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Mac & Cheese


 We know that the uncertainty of the COVID-19 epidemic has shaken the world. Oasis knows that during times like this it’s more important than ever to be connected to community.


Thanks to social media, Christians are still able to meet together! On Sunday morning, grab your coffee and your family and huddle around the computer, or phone to join Oasis Community Church on Facebook LIVE. Starting live at 10AM this will be a full service, complete with worship and a message from Pastor Billy. To make it even more exciting, feel free to comment and talk to one another during the service!
Watch on Facebook


Our children’s ministry goes live every Sunday at 9 AM on Facebook! Parents make sure you visit Oasis Children’s Ministry page on Facebook and help your students watch the live video! Throughout the week there are fun activities and games posted on the page to keep your child involved throughout the week!
Oasis Youth ministry goes live every Sunday at 12 PM and every Wednesday night at 6 PM on Instagram! Make sure your student tunes in, comments, and likes the videos! There are fun giveaways, interactive questions and more to keep your students engaged during this time of self-isolation


From the desk of Pastor Billy Claudio

Church is happening online this weekend!

The word of God says that where two are more are gathered in His name, He is present (Matthew 18:20). We are still able to experience the presence of the Lord together, thanks to Social Media. Join us this Sunday morning at 10 AM here on Facebook Live for a FULL SERVICE!

Don’t forget to invite some one to watch by simply sharing the link.  What a great way to introduce people to Oasis and the Love of God


Billy Claudio


From the desk of Pastor Billy Claudio

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, I greet you with the same greeting Paul used in several of his letters to the church. We are certainly in a time where grace and peace are needed, and this is my prayer for you as we navigate through these unprecedented times.

We shared last week that we would be paying close attention to the directives issued from the CDC and governing officials in regard to managing the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The CDC in conjunction with President Trump have issued guidelines for the next 15 days to help stop the spread of the virus. This directive is that no meetings of 10+ people take place.

Our staff and I will comply with this national mandate, to help safeguard our most vulnerable population of elderly people by calling any group over this range to suspend gathering. This is to include our weekend services and upcoming events until further notice. We promise to keep you informed as to when we will resume on campus.

We do not walk in a spirit of fear, but we walk with wisdom in order to do our part as Christians and citizens. Scripture tells us to submit to governing authorities unless it is an issue against God’s authority. We see the purpose and value behind this directive, therefore we want to comply in order to minimize the consequence of this pandemic. This will pass in time, but until then we will do everything in our power to protect the vulnerable, help the needy, and minister to the broken in the name of Jesus.

Hebrews 10:25 says, “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

It is a blessing that we live in times where we can still “meet together” via our online devices and this is what we plan to do! We will still have a Sunday service, but it will only be broadcast on Facebook live, where we can share in worship and the teaching of the Word of God, together.

You can go to our website: occphx.com or you can simply go to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/occphx/ on Sunday Morning and watch along with everyone else.

Sunday Service LIVE on Facebook at 10:00 AM (Only one service)

Even though physical gatherings of over 10 people will temporarily cease, the vision and planning efforts for what is to come at Oasis will not. Our staff will still be working to effectively minister to the needs of people in our surrounding community, as well as planning for when we are released to gather again. You will see each staff member as a part of our online presence and maybe get to know some of them better.

Remember that God is always at work. He is telling a larger story than the Coronavirus!

This is a great time for the church to shine and share the hope and love that is found in Christ. Here are some of the ways we plan to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

– Interactive Sunday experience online, as well as weekly words of encouragement.
– Our leadership team will still be available to pray with people.
– Our food pantry will still be open to feed the needy.
– We have been asked to provide childcare for those in the medical community, so they are still be able to do their jobs. We are still in the detail  process and are working on ways we can do this.
– We will look for the opportunities to use our resources and connect with other churches to be the light to the world and minister to felt needs.
– We will provide weekly updates as well as links to helpful resources during this crisis.
– We are also looking at ways to stay connected and engage midweek with our church family, encouraging smaller community connections and online watch parties, as well as continuing our ongoing Oasis Podcast.

What can you do?
– Participate in our online gatherings. We will start with Sunday services, but will be posting throughout the week on our social media sites like our Instagram @oasisphx.
– Volunteer to participate in the opportunities we make available to help those in need.
– Remain faithful in your giving. (If you do not know how to give online, we can help. There is a link on our website for giving opportunities)
– Look for those in need around you and be available to pray with them, provide basic needs/ refer them to our church for help.

We believe that Jesus is the hope of the world! Now is an opportune time to bring His comfort, grace, peace and love to those around us. We are here for you. If you need to contact us please do not hesitate. This is the time for the church to be the church.


Billy Claudio