Maria Cornell



I was raised in Chicago with roots in the Catholic church, but also was raised with the influence of the occult and spiritualism. We moved to Arizona and I was saved at the only Billy Graham Crusade that came to Phoenix. College and Careers took paths of International Marketing and owning several businesses. In college, I majored in Business and minored in Accounting. I was on the Board of Directors of Athletes International Ministry, working with athletes, golf tournaments, and benefits, all helping youth at risk. As well as numerous other organizations. I joined Oasis at the second service 17 years ago, and there is not much I did not do during all these years.  Family is special to me. I met Jack in college, but married 14 years later. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our daughter, Nika, is a college freshman, and keeps life young and inspiring.  Life has not been easy thus my passion to help people see life from an eternal perspective and trust the Holy Spirit to be there.  He is the One true constant to get them through anything. I love serving ’til the King returns.