Micah Thomas

Media Director



I was born in Texas in 1995 with a loving mom, a ministerial dad, and a dozen siblings who all had the same humor and quirks as me. On one side we were constantly put on a pedestal for being a large evangelical family and on the other side we were completely scrutinized. So to say the least; I was not raised in a “normal home”. I always knew Jesus was a very real God but then at 7 years old I encountered Him. Before my salvation I was a very dark and frustrated child. I remember just lashing out, hiding and lived in perpetual fear. I can recall finding God in my dad’s home office, and then waking up the next day a complete different Micah. I joined New Life Drama Co. at 18 starting my call to ministry. Through NLDC I dedicated my time and talent to Oasis which led me to working full time for the church I love. I met my beautiful wife Bella while traveling in NLDC and now we have transitioned to establishing our roots in AZ. We are very passionate about working for God’s kingdom, family, and our church! We are excited for every moment to give our all to Him!